Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

When I doubt about him who said,

that his favorite quote is

„You have to doubt about everything“

then I follow him.

And how can his quote become obsolete

that “ the free developing of every human beeing is

the precondition for the free developing of all“?

What is getting  out of use

are those of his students

who are forgetting these quotes.

From his knowledges

after such a long time

are only less out of use –

– less than  he himself expected.

Those, who want to bury his work

and their reasons to bury it

are verifying only

how vitalising it is.

And the true literal believers

who want to verify the validity of each of his words

are verifying only, how he was right

(and thereby how he was wrong)

when he taunted:

„Je ne suis pas un Marxiste“

(„I am not a Marxist“)

Erich Fried (1983)

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