Tausendundeine Nacht: Der Pharao wankt.

Hosni Mubarak

Live Streaming Coverage: Al Jazeera English; CNN; Reuters; BBC; Breaking News.

Primer: What’s happening in Egypt. The BBC’s Key Points:

  1. Egyptian riot police clash with thousands of anti-government demonstrators.
  2. Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria.
  3. Suez sees some of the worst violence, with a police station being set on fire.
  4. Reports say opposition figurehead Mohamed ElBaradei, who joined Cairo protests, has been placed under house arrest.
  5. The authorities have disrupted mobile phone networks and internet services.
  6. The unrest follows three days of protests in which at least eight people have been killed.

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Über hermanitou

I believe in evolution of all creatures. All creatures are equal. Man is rational. Love is essential. War is evil. Religion can be a value for some men or women, but without political or moral power. Everyone is free but responsible. Slavery is a crime!
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