Die schönsten Frauen Amerikas …

… meinen auf die Frage, ob die Evolutionstheorie Darwins (=stammt der Mensch vom Affen ab?) in den Schulen unterrichtet werden sollte:

Ich hänge mal die Zusammenfassung eines intelligenten US-Boys über das Niveau der Beauty-Qeens hier an:

alabama – no
alaska – yes
arizona – yes w/exceptions
arkansas – stupid
california – yes
colorado – what? stupid girl
conneticut – yes, super hot
delaware – yes but it should be a choice, whatever
DC – yes
florida – yes but she is confused
georgia – yes w/exceptions
hawaii – yes
idaho – it should be mentioned, but she wants to say no
illinois – yes
indiana – she doesnt know, idiots are from indiana, sorry hoosier ham
iowa – if it is available, as an elective. schools in iowa are medieval i quess
kansas – yes
kentucky – no, kentucky just took the idiot crown from indiana
louisiana – she thinks so, duck face
maine – yes
maryland – yes, but teach everything, even spaghetti monster, the only true theory
massachusettettetttetts – yes, i love her, very intelligent sounding
michigan – yes, dont be ignorant
minnesota – yes, evolution is catholic after all
mississippi – yes as long as its not taught as fact, and presented as a comic book
missouri – question is too tough for her
montana – presented, but not taught 😀
nebraska – yes as long as creation is part of it
nevada – yes, yes, oh yessssss
new hampshire – still a state, took her a minute to answer, yes i think
new jersey – yes, but who cares about new jersey
new mexico – yes, of course, birthplace of the atomic age!
new york – yes, smart people are from new york, she’s smoking
north carolina – yes, and she was the most intelligent of all the obvious creationist
north dakota – sure why not
ohio – sure why not, she copied nd
oklahoma – yes
oregon – yes, with exceptions
pennsylvania – yes, used the word ‚philosophies‘ as well
rhode island – yes
south carolina – yes
south dakota – yes
tennessee – yes, not quite a 10 tho
texas – yes, but i’m seeing a pattern, either a lot of them were never taught, or they partied too hard in HS
utah – yes, but… you know
vermont – yes, go science! Even provided evidence, she’s a genius
virginia – bits and pieces
washington – science is great, but… no
west virginia – evolution + religion, since they go so well together
wisconsin – yes
wyoming – yes i think?

Nach dieser Show bin ich einfach…… wie soll ichs sagen?…..sprachlos. Und für den Weltfrieden.

Über hermanitou

I believe in evolution of all creatures. All creatures are equal. Man is rational. Love is essential. War is evil. Religion can be a value for some men or women, but without political or moral power. Everyone is free but responsible. Slavery is a crime!
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